About Trondheim Science Center


Trondheim Science Center has encouraged curiosity and creativity since 1988!

We are Trondheim's most popular attraction for families and kids, and are located in the middle of Trondheim city center, just a two minute walk from the town square. While visiting us you are encouraged to learn through interactive exhibitions, and we offer a hands-on experience where children and adults together can play, learn and explore.

We have about 90 000 visitors every year and we work closely with the municipality and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology as well as local businesses. We aim to be a resource for schools as we provide educational courses in experimentation, technology and design for both students and teachers. Our primary goal is to inspire and motivate children and youth to learn more about the natural sciences and technology and choose an education in these subjects in order to secure recruitment within these fields in Norway.

We are a proud member of the following networks and federations: